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Munk TV Channel

Can’t watch movies at the cinema?
How about bringing back the cinema to watch at home with the Sonos
Arc? I really like the design, it looks minimal but feels super-premium. The
app, it’s very easy to use. Well, this Sonos Arc is like another level. It really
exceeded my expectations.

Mercular channel

We have reviewed many soundbars, and Sonos Beam
meets the needs of those who love to watch movies but
don’t want to deal with the technical complications.
Connectivity is smart, like the brand mentioned, it
connects quickly and everything is done at your
fingertips with the Sonos app itself.

Mr. Pae Arak

I have more than 10 Sonos at home.
Now I got Sonos Beam Gen 2 as the 11th one.
I’m an artist so listening to music has to be extraordinary and Sonos Beam
is much more than I expected.
There are surround sounds when I watch movies and I can’t believe all of
the sounds come out of this Sonos Beam.

Mr. Tom Isara

I love this little Sonos Roam so much. I take it with me everywhere.
But now my girlfriend has taken it. The sound is very good for its size.
I really like listening to music but sometimes it’s not convenient to play
music on my big speaker so I use Sonos Roam to check on my music.
The sound is unbelievably detailed.

Mr. Gunn

I like to listen to it while exercising.
The sound does not echo at all.
I like it because it can adjust the sound according to the environment in
the room. It can also reduce echoes while listening outdoors.
It’s an amazing technology for me.

Ms. Ginygigy

Sonos Roam
Wherever I am, I can hear the music clearly.
I am a person who likes to listen to music in every corner of the house and
I can carry Sonos Roam to every room in the house.
I use it right before bedtime or while reading a book and pretty much all
day for light background music.
I was amazed by its power, despite its small size.